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umm, yeah, more poems

-Lipstick and Lemonade-

She practices swear words while sipping lemonade
Staring at her refection in the mirror
Stopping every so often to analyze herself once more
"Worthless piece of shit."
She mutters though clenched teeth
Going through the motions
Degrading herself once again
It never changes
And you never notice
End if story.

I dunno, I liked the begining of that one, then I think it all went to shit.

"It's much too hard to explain
Let's just leave it at that
Because I have grown much too tired
and far too old
In my short years
Depression has aged me
And yet again, I find myself alone
Praying to a God I don't believe in
In a room, behind closed doors
It's almost like I'm not really there
Not like you'd give a shit if I was
Maybe, maybe you would
If you only knew the things I've seen
The things I've done
None of it matters anyway"
She says, slamming shut her book of lies
Closing her eyes
Blocking out what she thought just happend

I actually like this one, I wrote it a while back, yeah.

Tell if you like them or not.

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